Thursday, March 25, 2010

small victories

Sometimes it’s the little things.

For example yesterday, after I dropped Jboy off at school, I had a couple of errands to run and had yet to eat breakfast. Before, I would’ve been at Dunkin Donuts, ordered my strawberry frosted donut and chocolate milk, paid my $3.05, and driven off before you could say “bad for  you”. Yesterday I had quite the discussion with myself as I approached the entrance. I was figuring points {12 for the donut & milk!}, trying to figure out what I could have for lunch & still have dinner… Boy did I want that donut. But I resisted.

This was a pretty big deal for me. Just a few short weeks ago I would’ve had that donut & milk {several days a week}, felt guilty, and probably made horrible food choices the rest of the day because I felt I’d already screwed up.

One thing I love about the Weight Watchers plan is that I could have had the donut & milk. As long as you count the points, you can have pretty much anything you want. It’s about portion sizes and making better decisions. Yes, the donut & milk would have been very tasty, but my Honey Nut Cheerios were quite good too.

And I didn’t have to choke down the side order of guilt.


  1. You go girl, you can do it!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo PROUD of YOU!!! Love Mom

  2. That's my girl!! I'm really looking forward to the future when I can play with Jboy and Porter.

  3. I found your blog and I'm doing WW too. I always need encouragement!
    So proud of you! Keep it up! We can do it!

  4. I also like that about WW. When you have 20 pts to use throughout the day, it makes it hard to say "OK" to anything that is associated with a lot of pts.

    I have to keep reminding myself that this is a lifestyle change....and that from now on...I need to eat as I am eating now.