Sunday, March 21, 2010

full disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, and because I want to document my failures* struggles as well as my victories, I have a confession to make.

Last night, even after I wrote that post, I ate several spoonfuls of icing. Ack! I had made cupcakes for Haley to take to a party, and had quite a bit of icing left over. I’m not really someone who craves baked goods, but give me a can of frosting and a spoon & well… it’s not good.

This morning I put the container in the trash. Then I took it out again. But, I only took it out to put some water in it so I wouldn’t be tempted to pull it out.

Today is a new day! I’ve counted & tracked every bite I’ve eaten and have stayed within my points. One thing we’ve talked about several times at meetings is that just because you screw up one meal, doesn’t mean you have to blow the whole day. You can start over with the next thing you eat. I’m really trying to put that into practice as I’ve always been one of those who would think, “well, I’ve messed up lunch, might as well eat whatever I want for dinner.” Next thing you know it’s, “well, I screwed up yesterday, I’ll just start over on Monday”, etc… Every meal is an opportunity to make a good decision.

* I crossed out failure because one thing that’s always stuck with me from even my first experience with WW is this: Feedback not failure. Learn from your mistakes and use what you’ve learned to help you make better decisions in the future.

I’m putting that into practice this week.

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  1. Mist, I am verrry proud of you!!!! You are learning and growing so much. We all make mistakes, but, it's what with do with them and how we react to them that makes an even bigger impact. Keep up the good attitude!

    Love you bunches,