Thursday, April 29, 2010

so, yeah

Um, it’s been a rough few weeks. Apparently that .4 gain has completely screwed with my mind. Not good. I don’t remember the last day that I was actually on the plan.

Sometimes having an “all-or-nothing” type personality can be a good thing. Well, if it’s both “all” and something productive. However, it’s not good when you let one rough day {or week} get you completely off track from whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

I didn’t weigh in last week. Heck, I didn’t even go to the meeting. The topic was something I probably really needed to hear, too: Staying on plan on the weekends.

Knowing how bad I’ve been these past couple of weeks is really making me not want to go this week either. Oy vey.

I feel it necessary to “confess” a few of my indiscretions:

* I’ve been drinking soda like crazy. I really just shouldn’t buy it. Especially Coke. Seriously. My name is Misti, and I’m a Coke addict.

* I bought chips & cheese dip at the store the other day. Another major weakness. I thought about calling or texting one of my friends to talk me down {ha!}, but didn’t {obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing about it}.

* I have been to Dunkin Donuts {twice} this week. Sob.

I’m sure there are {a lot} more, but I’ll leave you with that little snapshot.

This week I HAVE to go to the meeting. And, as much as I REALLY don’t want to, I need to weigh in. I need to see the number, deal with it and move on.


  1. It's a journey...not a destination. There will be road blocks and detours. It will be ok.

    As for the cheese dip, well, uh, yeah....I am an addict too.

    I found that although it isn't velveeta and rotel, the frito lay jalapeno and cheddar cheese dip paired with the baked tostito scoops are pretty good substitutes. 2 tablespoons of the dip is 1 pt. and a serving of the chips is 2 pts. Not bad. Some nights I decide not to eat a meal and just eat chips and dip.


  2. Hey Mitsi! I just wanted to drop in and say you can do it! I reached a milestone this week that I have been aiming for since last April. I am 100% out of maternity clothes and have lost 27 pounds. It seemed impossible but I did it and you can too! It took me over a year, but I did it and I can't believe it. So I just wanted to stop by and give you a boost!

  3. Misti!

    So I'm an all or nothing kinda WW member too. Someone said something at my WW meeting last week that has made this week so much better for me. He (yes, HE) said it's about enjoying the journey. Since it's a process anyway, have fun while you're doing it! So this week, I stopped being the horrible task master I'd been to myself. I certainly wouldn't ever talk to a friend the way I'd been talking to myself. I chilled out to enjoy myself. WOW did that ever make a difference!

    I decided I didn't ~have~ to eat my vegetables, but I ~chose~ to because I want to enjoy my journey.

    For both of us ~here's to enjoying the journey and not beating ourselves up!!

  4. Hi! Finally replying to your comment on my blog! i would love to chat sometime. I actually just started couch to 5k! i'll let you know how it goes! yikes - running! good luck to you with WW! Just trying to loose weight is an accomplishment with kiddos running around!